Missionary FAQ

How to I visit AMOR?

  1. Contact Darlene Dakin to schedule your stay with AMOR. (click on Contact link in menu above)
  2. Download the documents listed under the "Downloads" tab and go through the steps to raise funds, arrange your group and length of stay.
  3. Submit all required documents to AMOR a month in advance of your departure.


How much will it cost?

We suggest $30 per person, per day to stay at the AMOR Ranch (sum includes, gas, room and board), plus the cost of airfare, and personal spending money. Airfare is generally between $650-$900. Money will be converted to Honduras currency by AMOR staff at the airport. (500L~ $25.00) Do NOT trust anyone to convert your money for you before talking to an AMOR representative.


Where will I/my team stay?

While in Honduras, you and your team will stay at The Freedom Ranch, AMOR's Honduras headquarters. This facility can comfortably house 16-18 missioanries and is equiped with bunkbeds, showers, a large kitchen and dining area.

Long-term missionaries and Interns will be housed in our Intern housing, a small facility located behind the Freedom Ranch.


What should I bring?

For the convenience of our missionaries, we have provided a helpful PDF checklist with packing recommendations. It can be found under the "Downloads" Tab.


What will I/my team do?

We encourage all of our missionaries to participate in ther active callings when on the mission field and the people of Honduras always enjoy being apart of sermons, teachings, and worship services that are lead by guest missionaries. In between times of ministry, there are many projects to participate in. These projects include, but are not limited to, constuction, renovation, feeding, medical clinics, teaching, child care, and clerical assistance.


Is it safe?

We work hard to provide our missionary teams with living spaces that are clean and safe. We provide clean drinking water to all of our missionaries, and we have an in-house pharmacy and nearby medical clinic, should medical attention be needed.

The Freedom Ranch is surrounded by a fortified security wall and gate. Within this gate roams our guard dog, Poncho. Poncho readily alerts everyone of any people (or other animals) passing by The Freedom Ranch. When outside of The Freedom ranch, you and your team will not be lead into dangerous or hazardous ares.